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Tasknibbler.com is a part of Speaking IT Canada, Inc., an international technology company based in Toronto ON Canada. At tasknibbler.com, we match freelance labour with local demand, allowing consumers of such labour to find safe and reliable help with everyday tasks. We are the Uber of everyday tasks and our Taskers are committed to quality service!

Tasknibbler.com Services

Tasknibbler.com is an enterprise platform with two distinct service areas: Service Users and Service Providers, as explained below.

Service Users - called Users

Tasknibbler Users are people who are looking for freelance labour for routine jobs, chores or tasks following the simple process below:
1. Users post any jobs they need help with at tasknibbler.com.
2. These jobs will be broadcast to our network of Taskers based on their location.
3. The Taskers in turn bid on the posted work.
4. The User then selects the Tasker that they are most comfortable with.

Looking for someone to fold your laundry, wash your car, wait in line at filling station, cut grass for you? Click here to sign up now.

Service Providers - called Taskers

Tasknibbler Taskers (providers) are people who provide freelance labour and help users with jobs, chores or tasks following the simple process below:
1. Taskers bid on jobs requests posted by users.
2. Users to review and accept, based on their location.
3. A Tasker receives notifications when tasks are posted in the area he signed up for.
4. As an example, a Tasker based in Apapa will never receive a notification for jobs in Abuja. Typical Taskers are part-time workers looking to make extra money on the side.

Are you available for small chores through the week? Click here to become a Tasker now.

Mobile Apps

We also have two different mobile Apps for Users and for Providers.

User Apps:

Download Android App
| Download Apple App


Provider Apps:

Download Android App
| Download Apple App

Field Service Agents

Field Service Agents are people who help to sign up Users and Taskers within specific neighbourhoods. They are the first line of contact available to the Users and Taskers within their neighbourhoods. Field Service Agents are responsible for specific neighbourhoods, are known in the neighbourhood and also know all the Taskers within their assigned neighbourhoods. This neighbourhood approach helps with better customer service, security, quality of work and dispute resolutions.

Are you great at dealing with people, coordinating work and finding solutions to issues? Click here now to become a Field Service Associate.